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Họ tên
Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Loan
Giới tính
Ngày sinh
Địa chỉ
P. Phước Long B, Q.9
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Số năm kinh nghiệm
2 năm
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English - Trung cấp

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Nơi làm việc
TP. Hồ Chí Minh
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Thông tin chi tiết

Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp

- Learn more things when working in the company to accumulate experience for future promotion

- Gain valuable experience in a friendly and professional woking environment

- Make some positive contribution to the development of the company

Thành tích nổi bật

Completed tasks accurately and before the deadline

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Crown Bevarage Cans Sai Gon Limited - Tháng 1/2015 - Tháng 5/2016

Payable Accountant

- Download bank statements, update foreign exchange rate, verify bank account balance, follow up income and outgoing payment, check bank charge - Make cash flow forecast weekly, make payment plans ensuring payment term and date due - Coordinate with relevant departments to collect the required supporting documents for payment requests before these are logged into the schedule of payment - Prepare bank payment orders by Foxprow software and excel for local and oversea payment, recheck payment documents (invoice, sales contract, good received note, purchase order, purchase requisition, bill of lading, customs declaration and others relevant), ensure correctly before submitting to get approval - Allocate payment expense, matching invoice, net-off tax for monthly closing - Reconcile bank account, make bank reconciliation report before the second of next month - Prepare VAT tax, withholding tax, resource tax - Calculate and record foreign exchange rate difference, revaluate at month-end

Trình độ học vấn
Kỹ năng nổi bật

- Good knowledge about accounting, update new regulation & circular of Goverment

- Good at using English to work both speaking and writing

- Use proficiently Ms Office especial creating formula in Ms Excel ( Macro, database function, statistical function...), SUN SYSTEM

- Always self - studied, be responsible with the job, can work under pressure

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Võ Kiều My

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